Thursday, 17 January 2019

Diary Scans

For a while I made art journals and filmed flip through videos but lost interest in that. I made a couple of zines from bits in my diary but stopped halfway through making the third because I wasn't having fun putting it together but also I'd realised I'd turned my diary into work. Unintentionally it had become a place I knew I was going to try and make a zine out of and it wasn't really a diary anymore. I didn't have a private space. So I made the conscious decision to have a diary that I would keep entirely private so I could do whatever I want in it and it just doesn't matter at all and it's the best. I sometimes do something in my diary that I want to share but sharing the things isn't on my mind when I'm in there. It's nice to write and draw and cut and stick and know it's just for me.

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