Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Mechanical Circus

There's been an exhibition on at The Forum called Mechanical Circus since early December and when I saw it announced I was like "ooo we have to make sure we go to that" so fast forward to the last week it's on in January and we finally went. I mean, at least we actually went to this. We either go to things last second or we just miss them entirely. Because we're smart.

It was really fun, they had photo spots and lots of automata, automatons?, moving on their own dudes and there were zoetropes and cool magic, distorted, mirror pictures. I had a good time.

Then we popped into Pret for hot drinks and snacks. They have a matcha latte now! I love a matcha latte, I have no knowledge of how a "good" one should be but the green makes me happy and so does being full of warm, gentle, tea-y milk. I am a cosy egg.

I'll add this video here too because it has some moving footage from the exhibit from about 2:12 :)

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