Friday, 11 January 2019

Rats Basket

I have three rats and I am OBSESSED with them. My three specifically but also rats in general. It's a problem, they don't live long enough for me to love them this much. It's worth it though, they're perfect.
I started reading Fruits Basket (ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshiloveitsomuch) I'm not very far in but every time there's rat characteristics I lose my shit. The first time this happened was when we find out that Yuki has breathing problems. It's super common for rats to have breathing problems. Two of my rats have breathing problems! And then last night there was this panel of all these other rats turning up.

Rats are so cosy and caring and sociable and seeing them all flock to him is just so right.
I also love love love how she draws them, how their arms and legs just kind of droop in and out of the body like the adorable little bags of cute they are. This manga would be one of my favourites anyway but ohmygosh the added rat-ness is just too much.

On a not rat related note I love the author notes things (do they have a name?) that come with each chapter. Is it a shojo thing? I remember really enjoying them in So Cute as well. It's an opportunity to see the mangaka geek out or just generally share something about themselves and I love it so much (because I'm a nosy bastard), it's almost like a little blog post or something.
I was thinking earlier, I bet you could pick a good manga based on these little additional bits. I reckon if they're full of geek excitement about video games and idols there's a good chance it'll be a manga really worth reading. I'll have to keep reading everything I can get my hands on to test my theory ^^

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