Wednesday, 30 January 2019

What's On My Desk

I've been feeling very affected by grumpy, bigoted idiots lately and because I can't do anything about those people, being affected by it stresses me out which becomes a bit of an evil circle. I think in the fight against what is stupid in the world, an important thing is to be happy and fulfilled and truly ourselves as much as possible. And to do what you can to help other people achieve that too. Angry idiots always want to drag you down with them into their insecure, scared, ugly little worlds and surely one of the best things to do against that is to be your best self. I don't know, I just want to be happy and there's way too much that seems to not want that so screw that, I'm just gonna have a cosy time.

Anyway, here are some recent desk photos because they make me happy and so does how productive I'm feeling this week. The first photo is a little pack of stickers I made for Will. When I print stickers I try to fill all the gaps so as to not waste the paper and Will has a new phone case to decorate.
The above photo is from packing the first order of my new stickers, thank you ^-^

I've been wanting to make some dangly/plush/charm/soft toy things lately so I've started practising, here's a little bird friend.

And from this morning some new stickers I've been working on. I'm on a roll and it feels good ^-^

I hope you're doing good ^-^

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