The blog is going through some much needed re-designs and updates so don't judge too harshly lol. Even though the blog itself is a bit of a mess while I do some much needed re-designs I'm posting regularly so please follow and I hope you enjoy ^_^
While everything is all over the place here are my links: etsy / redbubble / twitter / instagram / youtube

Hi there, I'm Becky. I'm a visual artist currently based in Norwich, UK. If you'd like to check out my work, use the links in the sidebar* to view my portfolios and same goes for if you'd like to check out my shops. I sell handmade items in my etsy shop and have designs available as print to order on a huge range of things (society6 and redbubble).

If you're here as a blog reader then hi! I'm Becky, a socially anxious creative type that wants to be your friend, even if it seems like I don't because I'm having trouble talking to you ^_^
I'm a fan of anything bright and colourful or gross and grimy. If I can spend an afternoon watching cartoons, reading about undertaking and medical history and eating crisps then I'm a happy fellow.
I reckon this counts as a lifestyle blog, even if it's not what comes to mind when you say those words. I share what I'm currently working on but also have a life long love of taking photos and a new love for taking videos so you get to see a lot of what I see while I'm out and about, in my studio or hanging out with my four hairy housemates, Tank, Sharky and Pixel the fancy rats and Will the tattoo artist.

I've been blogging for many moons but am in a new wave of enthusiasm for it after a few years that were a bit of a slog so you can look forward to posts about making zines, adventuring in and out of the city, what I've been reading, toys and various cute things I make and acquire as well as peeks into my sketchbook and food, I love food. I try to send out positive things but sometimes times are hard and I think it's important for your mental health that you don't ignore that. The internet can be an incredibly curated version of someones life and although I obviously won't be sharing everything, I think it's important to be honest, so we all know we all go through stuff. It's not just you. ^_^

As we all know, 'about me' sections are the worst things to have to write so just go have a nosy around and see what's what. That'll tell you more than this page ever could ^_^